St. Patrick’s Day Party

I love any excuse for a party, so with St. Patrick’s day coming up on my holiday week from work, you know I had to have a St. Patrick’s Day Party! The theme was clearly green!!! Green Cupcakes… Green Candy… Green Veggies… Green Guacamole and Green Tortilla Chips… Psst…Did you notice I cut the tortilla chips into […]

The Second Annual Pickle Party

If you’re not sure what a pickle party is, then you must have missed the post about our First Annual Pickle Party!  Check it out! I’ll feature some of the edible elements of the party first. This veggie wreath was so easy to make because I bought pre-cut broccoli.  I cut the bow out of […]

Mini Thanksgiving Dinner

Hubby couldn’t make it to the cottage for Thanksgiving this year and his family was away for the weekend.  I felt so badly that he was going to be missing Thanksgiving altogether that I decided to make him a mini Thanksgiving dinner just for the two of us.  Now, If you know me, you know […]