Baby Photo Blocks

I think Hubby has caught my DIY bug!  He made these amazing baby photo blocks!!!! The point of the blocks is that you can make any combination of 2-digit numbers with them and then the third block says “week” “weeks” “month” “months” “year” “years”.  The idea is, that you take a picture of your baby […]

Arm Knitted Scarves

It’s been a while since I blogged, I guess January has turned out to be a busy and cold month!  What better way to cozy up this winter than with a big comfy, chunky, infinity scarf?! So in case you haven’t guessed yet, my newest kick is arm knitting!  Yes, you read that right, “arm […]

Winter Survival Kit

I was looking for something cute, practical, and inexpensive to give to some coworkers as a Christmas token of appreciation.  I came up with these cute little winter survival kits in a jar. The contents of the jar are all things to help get you through these cold winter months: an individual pack of tissues, […]

Pinterest Party

My BFF had a great idea…she hosted a PINTEREST PARTY!!!  Yayyy!!!!  We each had to bring a recipe and a craft that we had seen on Pinterest.  We made the food at home and brought enough materials for each person to try the craft.  There were 5 girls at the party which means 5 treats […]