Thanksgiving Decor

This past Thanksgiving I decided to reuse some of my decorations that I already had, as well as make some new ones.  Here are some of my decorations from last year:

My leaf and acorn candle holder as seen in “Mini Thanksgiving Dinner


My fall wreath as seen in “Front Door Fall Decor


Here are some of the new fall decor items. (The simple ones first.):

A faux pumpkin with faux leaves:


Some gourds on my dessert platter:


Some pumpkins and mums for the front steps: (I blurred out my address that I had stencilled onto the pumpkins…it was really cute though.  I stencilled the number onto the small orange pumpkin and the street name onto the white pumpkin.)


I had a piece of burlap sitting around left over from another craft, and I already had the stencils and paint out for decorating the pumpkins so I tried out this banner, and I think it ended up pretty cute!

-If you try stencilling onto burlap, make sure you use a sponge brush and only a little bit of paint as the paint can bleed.  Also, this is a loosely woven burlap, so I put newspaper underneath it so that I didn’t get any paint on my table.


(The mums on the shelf are a lovely gift from my friend Willowsuite!)

Lastly, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little baking!  This pumpkin pie was much easier than the last one I made because I had an oak leaf shaped cookie cutter.  I filled the pie then I cut the leaf shapes out of pastry and sealed them to the pie shell with some water.


Although this blog is late, it’s never too late for some feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving.




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