Tortellini Skewers and DIY Mugs

I was invited to another Pinterest party!!!!!!   Unfortunately a snowstorm hit the day of the party so I was the only guest who could make it.  We still had fun anyways!

I made tortellini skewers as my food contribution.  They are a cute and colourful finger food for a party!


I used tricoloured tortellini noodles.  I cooked the noodles and then poured cold water on them to cool them.  I skewered them in a pattern with fresh basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes.  These pictures are taken before I drizzled the balsamic dressing over them.  I did it just before I served them.



We decided just to make one craft at the Pinterest party since there were only two of us there, so we did DIY mugs with sharpies!  (There are a million tutorials on Pinterest for these.)


It was a fun way to spend a snowy day indoors!  What are some of your favourite Pinterest finds?  Comment and tell me!




One thought on “Tortellini Skewers and DIY Mugs

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