Craft Room Reveal!

This craft room/office has been a long time coming.  As you may have gathered by now, I love crafting and DIY but I needed a place to do it!  Luckily, we have an extra bedroom that hubby agreed to let me have free reign in!  It doubles as an office for some simple filing, printing, bill paying, etc.

This room has a big window but it doesn’t get a lot of sunlight causing the room to be a bit dark and cool.  That’s why I chose this bright and cheery yellow colour!  The whole room is yellow and white with pops of blue and a few other colours.  Look for floral accents throughout the room on the walls, fabrics, shelving and light fixtures.

Let me walk you through the room…


Below is my sewing station.  I’m not the only crafty one in my family, this sewing table belonged to my grandmother.  It was black before but my mom sanded it down and painted it white for me to match my craft room.  Above is a message station.  The canvas in the middle is a dry erase board and the floral circles are pin boards that I made.  Find the tutorial here.


The sewing table opens up to reveal my grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine!


Next is the desk/crafting surface.  Inside each tin are desk supplies like paper clips, erasers, etc.  Underneath is a small filing drawer for mail that comes all the time.


Here’s a little trick that I am thrilled with.  Underneath our desk we put a box, clean and simple.  Nothing special right?


Wrong!  This box is a life saver!  Look at all of the stuff it hides: router, cable box, power bar, etc., etc., etc.!!!!!  I just fed the wires out the slot in the back of the box.


These shelve are part decorative and part storage.  They house scrapbooks and photo books, lamps, my sewing basket and cute boxes.  Inside each of the boxes are crafting supplies, printer cartridges/paper, scrap fabric, stamps, envelopes, blank note cards, etc.


 I could NOT find a fabric that I liked for the curtains but I did find these bed sheets.  I lined them, added grommets and made them into curtains!  They’re so cheery!


The light fixture is another floral accent.


Now for hubby’s favourite part of the room, the comfy corner.  This is usually where hubby sits while I’m crafting, but it’s also good for hand sewing or crocheting as it has a light over head.  The flowers on the wall are 3D and are attached to the wall.


There’s one thing in this craft room I haven’t revealed to you yet, and that’s the closet.  It is neat and organized except for one thing, the wrapping paper.  I’m looking for the right wrapping paper solution for this closet, when I’ve found it I’ll reveal it to you too.

I hope my cheery yellow and floral craft room brightened up your day!  It gives me inspiration for my crafts and I hope it gives you inspiration too!




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