Baby Photo Blocks

I think Hubby has caught my DIY bug!  He made these amazing baby photo blocks!!!!

The point of the blocks is that you can make any combination of 2-digit numbers with them and then the third block says “week” “weeks” “month” “months” “year” “years”.  The idea is, that you take a picture of your baby with the blocks each week/month/year and the blocks tell you how old the baby is.  They are also a consistent size so you can see how much the baby has grown.

We don’t know if the mom-to-be that we gave these to is going to have a boy or a girl so hubby made some number cubes with girl colours and some with boy colours.

photo 1-4

Hubby had a little fun with the blocks.

His own age…


The year…

photo 2-4

And here’s the mom-to-be with the blocks that show how far along she is in her pregnancy.


The mom-to-be seemed to love the blocks and I love my Hubby!!!  What a great guy!!!

Do you have any creative baby shower ideas?  Share them in a comment!




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