The Second Annual Pickle Party

If you’re not sure what a pickle party is, then you must have missed the post about our First Annual Pickle Party!  Check it out!

I’ll feature some of the edible elements of the party first.

This veggie wreath was so easy to make because I bought pre-cut broccoli.  I cut the bow out of a red bell pepper and decorated the wreath with cherry tomatoes.  The dip went in the bowl in the middle.


I shaped the cheese balls like pine cones with almonds and used sprigs of rosemary to garnish them and to look like pine needles.


This fruit Christmas tree is just grapes and blueberries skewered onto a styrofoam cone with toothpicks.  The star on top is a piece of pineapple attached in the same way.


When the fruit tree was polished off, it looked cute and colourful in a different way.   : )


Our Christmas colours were blue and green again to match my living room and everyone got into the colour scheme.  My mom even wrapped our presents in our colours to match our decor.


And hubby brought me flowers with decorations in our teal-ish/blue-ish colour!  What an awesome man!


Happy Pickle Party!




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