A Lingerie Shower for a Deserving Bride

About two weeks ago, I heard some FANTASTIC news, my friend got engaged.  But this just isn’t any friend, and this just isn’t any engagement.  This is the loveliest girl you’ve ever met who is living out a fairytale!

Ok, important things first: they’re in L-O-V-E love!

Secondly, she got engaged at the beginning of November, is leaving her job in cold Canada at the end of November and moving to ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA to marry her CARDIOLOGIST fiancé in February!   Romantic right?! (And you should see the ring! *BLING*)  I am forever a hopeless romantic and I think this moving across the country thing, (actually, to another country) fits the fairytale bill.  The only downside is, we’re losing this great girl to the West coast!

We only had 2 weeks to pull a shower together because there was only about 3 weeks between the engagement and the bride’s departure!  What do you get a bride who is moving far away and can’t take too many big, heavy items on a plane?  Not dishes, not towels…hmm, something small to pack in a suitcase, something light,…….LINGERIE of course!

Here are a few highlights from the Lingerie shower.

Here are some pretty pink cupcakes with a lingerie themed cupcake topper and of course a tissue pom pom!


Each gift the bride received was hung on a clothes line.  It was a super cute addition to the decorations and made a great backdrop to take pictures in front of or behind on the stair case!


The favours were a little bit “cheeky”!


Choose your style!  Thong, g-string, full back, plain, lacy, I made them all!


These sugar cookies with royal icing were a big hit with the ladies and they made a great takeaway favour for the guests!



I love bridal showers!  I love weddings!  I just love LOVE!

Do you have any cheeky lingerie shower ideas?




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