Moroccan Accent Wall

When we moved into our house, all four walls of the bedroom were a generic beige colour.  I wanted to make the room look cozier, so we painted all four walls grey.

I do like the grey but it was too boring.

I decided to paint one accent wall behind the bed purple to tie in the purple curtains and decorative pillows on the bed but I was still disappointed with it.  It was still so boring.

I then tried making my own stencil to paint a moroccan print on the wall.  This worked, but it was taking FOREVER and I did NOT have the patience for it so I painted over what I had done with purple again.

I finally gave in and bought a stencil online.  (It was a little pricey, but in the end it was worth it!)

Here is the before shot.  3 grey walls and one purple accent wall.  BORING!


Here’s another view with the purple curtains.


Now here is after using the stencil that I bought online and a new mirror.



I think that the change is dramatic and I love, love, LOVE the way it turned out!

It took about 6 hours total (one evening and one weekend morning).  I used silver paint for the moroccan pattern.

I’ve been loving this moroccan pattern lately, as you can see by my post on

Wall Art: Fabric Covered Canvases.

What have you done to spruce up your home lately?  Share with me!




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