Halloween Party

I love holidays…because…well let’s be honest, I love any excuse to have a party!  This was our first Halloween party in our house and I think it was a success.  I didn’t go as ultra-homemade as I usually do, but there were enough diy touches to make it feel personal.  It was a bit of a subtle/classy halloween/fall theme without going over the top.

Here’s the table set with some of the munchies.  You’ll notice it looks a lot like my Thanksgiving table, that’s because it is!  I just switched up the white table cloth for a black one because I thought it would look more “Halloween-ish”.


We just had snacks and drinks, not a whole meal:

Veggies and dip served in a hollowed out pie pumpkin.


Chicago Mix Popcorn in a cute pumpkin jar that I borrowed from my mom.


Pumpkin Seed Nachos and Peach-Mango Salsa


Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Pumpkin Spice Buttercream Icing

These aren’t my prettiest cupcakes but a) I was in a hurry.  and b) Who cares?!  They’re yummy anyways!


Mandarin Orange Jack-o’lanterns (Thanks to my sharpie!) and chocolate eye balls.


Red Wine Sangria


Sangria served with lychee, jam, blueberry, ‘eyeball’ skewers.


I saved this one for last because it was by far the hit of the party!


This pull apart bread was gooey, cheesy, buttery, delicious and HOT!  We all burnt our fingers and mouths because the bread was so hot but we just couldn’t wait to eat it!  You’ve GOT to try it!!!  Here’s the original recipe.


It’s always great to get together with friends to eat good food, drink and laugh, no matter what the occasion!

Happy Halloween!




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