Front Door Fall Decor

I loved having a wreath on my front door at Christmas, it was so welcoming when I came home!  My friend suggested we make fall wreaths  and I was happy to be able to do it on a bit of a budget.  These grape vine wreaths are pretty cheap at the craft store and I used other bits and bobs that were on sale to decorate it.  The burlap bow was pretty easy to make with the help of my hot glue gun!


The wreath was looking a little bit lonely at the front door so I added an inexpensive mat, a cute planter from the grocery store and  big fat pumpkin!  (The pumpkin was only $4.99!  Can you believe it?!)


I think that my front door looks warm and welcoming for autumn now, in the day…


…or at night!


Ok, so there’s a lot I hate about fall, but there’s a lot I LOVE about it too!  Fall decorations is one of those things I love!

Enjoy decorating for this season!




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