Apple Blossom Custard Pie

Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage always gives me a much needed recharge!  After taking some time to nap and relax, I’m ready to bake!  This Apple Blossom Custard Pie is not something I’ve made before or I’ll ever make again.  It tasted great, but it took a long time to prepare.  It did turn out cute and delicious however!

Here’s the pie before it was baked.  It has a shortbread style cookie crust, an orange flavoured custard, apples shaved and shaped to look like roses.


The apple roses took the longest to make.  I would have liked to make more roses but I ran out of apples!

(And stores close early in cottage country.)


Here’s the pie all finished and baked!


I topped it with an apricot jam.


The Apple Blossom Custard Pie was a nice addition to the Thanksgiving dessert next to some yummy homemade pumpkin pie!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!



Here’s the link to the original recipe.  You’ll need to google translate it.


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