Hot Pad Cork Boards (AKA “How to Ruin Your Manicure)

When I started thinking about decorating my house I had two things in mind:

1) aesthetics

2) functionality

My house is a small bungalow so I want to use every inch of space possible in a functional way.  If decorations can be pretty and do double duty as storage or an organizational tool, then instead of having two objects take up space, I just have one!


These hot pad cork boards will double as wall decorations and a mini cork board to hold magazine clippings of ideas or reminders for myself.  I’ve seen them on the internet a few times, but always thought I could do a better job.  The fabric is often a bit bumpy around the edges so I wanted to see if I could make them nice and smooth, and I think I did!

You will need:

-cork hot pads (you can buy a pack of 3 at Ikea for a very cheap price)

-some scrap cotton batting

-some scrap fabric

-a hot glue gun



-craft stick or knitting needle (optional)



1) Start by ironing the fabric to take out all of the wrinkles.


2) Lay the hot pad on the cotton batting and draw an approximately 1″ to 1 1/2″ circle around it, then cut the circle out.


3) Cut slits around the outside of the cotton batting approximately 1/2 inch apart and 1/2 inch deep.


4) Place the hot pad back in the centre of the cotton batting and fold up one tab of cotton batting at a time.  Put a dab of glue under the tab and press the fabric down.  This is where a craft stick (or in my case a knitting needle) may come in handy.  The hot glue was squeezing out through and from under the cotton and was burning my fingers (and RUINING MY MANICURE!).  I used the end of the knitting needle to push the fabric down onto the glue on the hot pad and hold it until it cooled.


5) When you have glued all of the flaps down, repeat the same process with the fabric.





6) Decide which way-up you want your board to hang.  Glue a loop of ribbon to the back of the board at the top end to hang the board.


That’s it you’re done!


I found these cute little bumble bee push pins at the dollar store and I just couldn’t resist!


I think they look great buzzing around the flowers on my cork board and holding my notes in place.


I can’t wait to share my whole completed craft room with you!  It’s almost done!  It’s so close I can taste it!  And I’ll give you a clue, if you could taste it, it would taste like lemon!!!

Happy crafting!




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