“Seeking SOLE Mates” Canvas Sign

I’ve seen this “Seeking Sole Mates” sign a few times and thought it was a cute idea, but I never really liked the way it was done.  It’s a board/canvas/sign for the laundry room with clothes pegs that holds those single socks that seem to always come out of the dryer without their mate!  The sign will hold the single sock until his match is found!

When I was designing my laundry room (that will be revealed in a later post) I wanted to include chevrons in some way.  I really wanted a chevron wall, but since Hubby does most of the painting, he vetoed that idea pretty quickly!  So I’ve settled on small chevron touches.

My canvas was 24″ x 12″.  I divided it into 8 equal sections on the long side and 4 equal sections on the short side.  I measured every 3″ and put a small light pencil mark near the edge of the canvas on all 4 sides.


Next I went across the first horizontal line and put a tiny dot every 3 inches.  I did this all the way down the canvas at each horizontal line.  When you are done there should be a grid of dots all over your canvas that if you were to connect them with lines, would make squares.


This part is hard to describe but I’ll do my best.  This is where you start drawing your chevrons.  I chose to make my chevrons go across my canvas long ways.  So the long side runs horizontal and the short side runs vertical.  So start at the top pencil mark on the short side and connect it to the first pencil mark on the long side with a diagonal line.  Then draw a line connecting that same first pencil mark on the long side with the first dot to a diagonal right.  Continue this pattern across the canvas and down it until you chevron pattern is complete.  (I couldn’t find a ruler, so I had to use a postcard from Cuba instead.  I suggest you use a real ruler.)


Now that your chevron lines are done, you can begin taping!  First decide which stripes you want to be painted and which you want to leave blank.  You’re going to want to put the tape over the stripes that you want to remain white/the colour of the canvas.  Use painter’s tape to prevent the paint from bleeding under it.


Make sure you tape around the edges of the canvas right to the back edge.  When it’s done it should look like this!  (At this point I said to Hubby “You know, I like green!  Maybe I’ll just leave it like this!”  Obviously that feeling didn’t last long.)


It’s time for the fun stuff: start painting!!!  Just paint the stripes! Go!


When we were painting the laundry room, I bought a small tester can of paint.  We ended up going with a slightly lighter shade, so I used the tester colour to make the sign not blend in TOO much with the wall, but still match.

Make sure you paint the sides of the canvas too!  It will look better that way when it’s hanging on the wall.


When your painting is done, put the canvas somewhere to dry.


While the canvas was drying, I tested out my lettering options.  I tried stencils, but the sponges actually turned out to be my best option.  The letters didn’t come out perfectly, but I think they have a cute rustic look.

Before I started painting, I laid out the sponge letters (from the dollar store!) on the canvas.  When you are trying to centre words, always count the letters and put the letter in the centre of the word in the centre of the canvas/paper.  Then build your word out on both sides from there one letter at a time.  Remember, spaces between words need to be counted too.  In this case, the “K” in “Seeking” was the centre letter.


I laid out all of the words and then took each letter off one at a time to paint them and stamp them.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “That doesn’t say ‘Seeking Sole Mates!’ it says ‘SFEKING BOLR MATHP!'”  I know, I know, but I only had one of each letter so I had to improvise to lay it out.  I also laid out the clothes pegs.


Next, I painted the bottom of the first letter and stamped it onto the canvas.  I did this with each letter.


We’re almost done!!! I promise!  Hot glue the clothes pegs to the canvas.


You’re done!!!  Yay!!!  My whole idea for my small house was multi-purpose items, so if it’s art, it would be great if it could do another job too, like hold my lonely socks!!!


The laundry room is SO close to being done and this will look perfect in it.

Now I know that was a long blog post with a lot of instructions, but it was actually quite fast and easy.  It took me about 2 hours from start to finish and that’s with paint drying time included!

I’m so excited that these little touches are starting to make my house look like a home!




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