Apple Nachos

The only reason these are called Apple Nachos is because they are layered on a plate like nachos are and loaded with yumminess!!!

They’re so quick and simple and not AS unhealthy as some other baked treats.

Slice 4 apples and arrange them on a plate.  Top them with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce and sprinkle with Skor bits (I got them from Bulk Barn), mini chocolate chips.  That’s it!  Done!  I wasn’t lying, they are quick, simple and no-bake, which I LOVE for the summer!

They look really pretty, but hardly take any work.


Check out this gooey goodness!!!


These are great to whip up for unexpected company.  They would also be a perfect treat for kids to help with.  Just slice the apples for them and let them go to town with the toppings.  they can add whatever they want: sprinkles, whipped cream, ice cream, anything!

I hope you enjoy this almost healthy treat!




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