Wall Art: Fabric Covered Canvases

I finally found some fabric that I liked to cover some canvases to make wall art for my living room!  I’ll show you how it turned out and then I’ll give you a quick idea of how I did it.

The finished product:


Here’s a brief overview of how I did it:

First I laid the canvas on top of the pattern.  The canvas was 1 1/2″ thick and I needed about 1 1/2″ of fabric to staple gun onto the back of the canvas so I left a 3″ border on each side of the canvas.


After measuring and cutting, I did a few “test” folds, folding the fabric over, holding it in place, and flipping the canvas over to make sure the pattern was centred and even.


I stapled one side and then the opposite side.  Next I stapled the two remaining sides, but NOT all the way to the corner.  Then I trimmed off any extra fabric so that the corners would not be too bulky.


The corners are simple once you get the hang of it.  Grab the corner and pull it tight, make sure any excess fabric is out of the way so that you are only stapling through one layer of fabric.


Next, take one flap and neatly fold it in toward the corner of the canvas.  Pull it to the back of the canvas and staple through the thickest part to make sure all of the fabric will hold.


Do the same thing with the next flap and repeat this on all four corners.  You should end up with a neat little corner like this:


I had more trouble with the small canvases because only one “repeat” of the pattern would fit on each small canvas so it had to be in the centre, and perfect.  I decided to hold the canvas and fabric against the window so that the light would shine through both layers so that I could centre the fabric.  Once I had it in the right position, I used a pencil to draw the outline of the canvas where I wanted it to be on the fabric.


Last, I used the waxed paper trick to hang the photos.  (I will put the Pinterest link to the instructions for this step at the bottom of this post.)


I’m really happy to FINALLY have something on the wall above my couch!


This DIY project gave me a little confidence to try some more, and I hope it may give you some confidence to try some too!



Pinterest Link for how to hang pictures: http://roost-home.blogspot.ca/2010/09/another-take-on-gallery-wall.html


6 thoughts on “Wall Art: Fabric Covered Canvases

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  3. Hi 🙂 I love your wall canvases. I am looking for that exact fabric with that exact pattern. My linens for our Cal King has that same pattern at the top of the sheets in a grey and white subtle accent. My other colors are that teal turquoise color. I know this post is older but do you remember where you purchased this fabric. I have shopped at fabric.com, Joann’s, Walmart and several other places and seem to be at a loss. Everyone calls that patter something different too. Either Trellis or Moroccan themed. 🙂 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I bought it at a fabric store in Toronto on Queen Street West called Designer Fabrics. They have lots of cute prints! I’m not sure if that’s helpful to you because I’m not sure where you’re from, but if you are in the states, I know Hobby Lobby has lots of cute prints, not sure if they have moroccan or not though.

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