Beer Themed Birthday

It is no secret that Hubby loves beer.  I decided to make him two kinds of beer cake for his last birthday.  The first is a 3 layer beer can cake.  There’s really no “cake” involved, it just looks like a 3 layer cake made out of beer cans (FULL beer cans).  The second is actual cake.  I  bought small beer mugs from the dollar store to hold the cake.  I filled each mug most of the way with a crushed cake and icing mixture (like cake pops).  I used “golden” cake mix so that it would look like a light beer.  Before I crushed the cake, I trimmed the browned bits off of the cake so that it wouldn’t put brown flakes in the “beer”.  I topped each cake with white icing for the foam at the top of a beer.

Aren’t the little beer candles cute?


Here’s the whole set up.  I thought the typical pub coasters under the beer mug cakes was a nice added detail.


I wish I had some better pictures of these, but I guess I forgot in the busyness of the day to take some.  Good thing my dad had his camera!




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