The First Annual Pickle Party

When Hubby and I were in Disney World a few years ago we saw some Christmas ornaments that looked like pickles.  We wondered why anyone would want to hang a pickle on their Christmas tree!  Then we read that it was an old Norwegian tradition to hang a pickle on the tree and the first person to find it would get to open the first gift of Christmas.  Well we fell in love with this idea and just had to buy our own pickle ornament to bring home.

The past couple of years at my family’s home, I have hung the pickle ornament on the tree.  I call everyone in to look for it and the first person to find it gets a prize.  I call the prize the “Pickle Present”.  Well this year, we wanted a good excuse to have a party.  As if Christmas wasn’t a good enough excuse already, we decided to make it a Pickle Party!

There was lots of food at this Pickle Party: Home made Christmas cookies and goodies of course, punch, fresh fruit and home made sweet monkey bread wreath.


My centrepiece was a veggie-Christmas tree.  I got this idea off of Pinterest (of course).  I took a styrofoam cone and covered it in plastic wrap.  I then pushed a toothpick into pieces of broccoli and pushed the other end of the toothpick into the cone.  I did the same thing with some pieces of carrot, and cherry tomatoes.  I used sweet yellow pepper for the garland and the star on top.


This cheese tray was another Pinterest find.  It was so easy and quick to assemble but really cute!  It’s just cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes and fresh rosemary sprigs.


Here’s the spread: cheese tray, crackers and cheese, veggie-Christmas tree, home made savoury tea biscuits, home made nachos and guacamole, and of course…PICKLES!


Even the fridge got into the Christmas spirit!


This one is a bit blurry because it’s an action shot!  People got really into this “find the pickle” activity.Image

All in all, the First Annual Pickle Party was a success!  (Mostly because of all the wonderful friends who came to celebrate with us.)

Happy pickle hunting!




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