Thanksgiving Pie

These posts are out of order, because as I said before, most of these are old crafts, parties, recipes, etc. that I am just now getting around to archiving on a blog.  So…we go from Christmas to Thanksgiving in the snap of a finger!  We spent a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at the cottage this year.  I saw these awesome pie crusts on Pinterest and thought I’d give one a try.  I planned to bring a leaf shaped cookie cutter from home to make the crust but I forgot.  I ended up using a real leaf, laying it on the pastry and using it as a stencil.  I cut out each leaf individually and then scored it with a knife to make the lines for the veins in the leaf.  (Only at the cottage would I have the time to cut each leaf out by hand individually.)  I was pretty happy with the way the pumpkin pie turned out!

The uncooked pie: (pastry made from scratch, that’s the only way my grandmother would approve of)


The cooked pie: (the edges got a bit too dark because the cottage oven is a little bit unpredictable)


Happy Thanksgiving!




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