Christmas is Coming!

This was a year of many firsts for Hubby and me.  I was so excited to decorate my own home for Christmas!  (I’ve only been talking about it since AUGUST!)  My living room/dining room doesn’t have much colour yet, but eventually I would like the accent colours to be a subtle lime green and a teal-ish blue.

I found these cute sparkly wicker balls at the dollar store!


I love this table runner!  It matches the tree skirt that my parents gave to us and I also found matching stockings!!!


This Christmas ball wreath was a Pinterest find.  I took a wire clothes hanger and bent it.  Then, I strung each christmas ball on.  You can let them kind of bunch up around each other, it looks better that way.  After all of the balls are on the hanger, bring the two ends towards each other and twist them together.  I watched an internet tutorial on how to tie nice bows, so I made this one and hot glued it to the top.


And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without….the TREE!  It’s a nice mix of blue and green Christmas balls and sentimental ornaments that belong that Hubby and I have had for years.  (See, the tree skirt matches the table runner!)


From my house to yours, Merry Christmas!




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