It’s a Girl!

Note: Many of these blog posts are from events long past.  I would like to use this blog as an archive but need to update it with all of the past activities before I get to posting the new stuff.

My lovely sister-in-law was pregnant with her first baby, a girl!  Her friend Jill and I threw a party at Jill’s house.  We decided to go with pink and purple as our colours and pinwheels as our theme:


We planned a few games but here’s just one of them.  For this game, each lady got an ice cube with a plastic baby frozen inside.  The person whose baby was fully unfrozen first (whose “water broke” first) won the prize.


We tried to carry out the pinwheel theme as much as possible.  These are some cute pinwheels made by Jill and my diaper cupcakes.


These are some savoury pinwheel biscuits made by yours truly.Image

A cute pinwheel sugar cookie!

photo 2-9

I made some fluffy tissue pom-poms and Jill made the adorable bunting banner saying “Welcome Baby”!


There was of course, lots of (pinwheel) food!  Cream cheese and salsa tortilla pinwheels, peanut butter and banana pinwheels, savoury pinwheel biscuits, sushi, veggies and dip bread, pinwheel sugar cookies, cupcakes, strawberry skewers, and nachos and guacamole.  Nobody went home hungry.


I hope you enjoyed our Pink and Purple Pinwheel Party!  (How’s that for alliteration?)




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